Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The kids are all right with technology

It’s strange that many parents are surprised, shocked and scared that their children are so comfortable with information technology, and communication innovations from iPad’s to ebook readers and from Android apps to biometrics. Is it the case we feel we have lost control of them?
Yes there are real dangers when youngsters can be preyed on by evil adults through internet grooming, making presents of the latest gadgets etc. But if we teach them the boundaries and open their eyes to the risks and keep a not too intrusive eye on them are the benefits to them and society worth considering?
A UK study of three thousand children aged nine through to 16 suggested that using technology increases their core literacy skills. Research also suggests a direct connection to the use of technology and wealth in a society. Maybe it’s not a case of kids ‘dumbing down’, but actually moving ahead of many of their parents and teachers when it comes to embracing and using information technology.
Schools and childcare facilities all over the world are using fingerprint biometrics to create cashless lunch breaks, access library books, track attendance and stop unauthorised access to premises. The only people who seem to complain about this are the adults with most concerned about the intrusion into their kids’ lives and the possibility of copying the fingerprint. Perhaps they don’t know that no real scan of a full fingerprint is taken and that encryption technology means that the data is securely held?

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