Monday, 14 February 2011

Fingerprints for Drinks?

Pubs, clubs and bars across the world are starting to use biometric fingerprint technology in cloakroom and lost property management systems, entrance systems and to combat underage drinking, violence and antisocial behaviour.

The Baha Beach Club in Barcelona is asking customers to pay $160 to insert a microchip in their arm and use the chip for payment and identification. Although to some people, possibly after a few drinks, this may seem a good idea there are many less intrusive forms of biometric technology! A simple biometric fingerprint scanner can do the same job for less money, less pain and no risk of infection.

Is the era of queuing in the cold waiting for intimidating door-people to verify IDs over? Is fingerprint biometrics the solution for stopping underage drinking, cutting theft and curtailing violence in nightclubs and bars?

Across the globe a number of bars and entertainment groups are already embracing the new technology employing biometric systems for cloakrooms and lost property management systems. Bakers Lounge Bar and Nightclub in Southend-On-Sea is one example. When a customer hands over their coats and personal items their fingerprint is taken and matched to their belongings and at the same time a still image is taken of the transaction for additional security purposes. The club’s manager said, “Even in the height of the summer, we had at least one customer per night with a lost coat receipt. Our policy is that the customer must wait until the end of the night to recover their item. You can imagine how agitated and frustrated some customers can become. Since installing the system we have not had a single incident. Plus revenue has gone up as customers are more confident about leaving their valuable items in the cloakroom.”

It has to be simpler and safer to scan your fingerprint at the bar when it can validate your age and well as allowing you to pay for your drinks without carrying cash?

What’s your take on introducing fingerprint biometrics to nightclubs and bars to make them safer, more enjoyable and better businesses?