Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Auto biotica – is there any sense in biometrics for cars?

Several popular car blogs suggest that Ferrari is working towards bringing out a car that is more or less controlled by human biometrics. The car will be fitted with a range of sensors to monitor the driver’s respiration, perspiration, blink rate, blood pressure and cranial activity, as well as many others. It will free up more relaxed and capable drivers to drive without the car’s stability and traction control systems intervening.
Other car manufacturers have been adopting biometric technology into their security systems for the past few years but have any of them been proven secure enough? There’s the horrible story about the Malaysian business man who had his finger chopped off with a machete so four men could steal his Mercedes fitted with a biometric fingerprint reader without having to bring him along to start it. These stories make consumers naturally apprehensive about biometrics and take their minds of the real issues which are about the quality, reliability and pricing of biometric technologies.
Global Bio Tec, with support from industry professionals and academics, has set up the Global Biometric Centre of Excellence, with the purpose of establishing recognised international standards for biometric technology and boosting the flow of information on the practical application of biometric solutions. As you know a lot of awareness and insights into biometrics comes from the media including newspapers and the movies!
The Lexus 2054 concept car was designed for the 2002 movie Minority Report. It hasn’t made it to the road but it has highlighted the use of fuel cells and biometric security systems. Although the Lexus 2054 is not available to buy there are cars coming into showrooms with a range of biometric control and security systems. It tends to be the higher end models which have them fitted.
Do you think that biometrics in cars is a good way to establish that the human/technology interaction is effective, non-invasive and adds value to control, safety and security?

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