Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Could biometrics help protect the old and isolated during big freezes?

As ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures continue to grip the UK one important question raises its head again, could we being doing more to protect the elderly and vulnerable in their homes?
Death rates amongst the elderly and vulnerable have shot up rapidly as some succumb to the effects of cold on their health, worries of using heating due to rising costs and lack of contact with family, friends, neighbours and carers. Would a simple to use fingerprint biometric system help to support their safety and security by allowing them to show they have gotten up, are active during the day and gone to bed safely?
A long held dream of Devi Sohanta is to help the elderly and vulnerable to live fuller and safer lives by applying biometrics to help keep contact, maintain security and give these people peace of mind. Devi set up Global Bio Tec to develop technology that could easily go into homes, residential care settings and sheltered housing projects etc. and be simply used by people. After thorough testing and approval by the Secure By Design accreditation programme the Connective Touch range of biometric fingerprint access and communication systems are on the market.
Could a web-enabled biometric fingerprint pad help to connect old people and those who need monitoring by carers in a cheap and effective way that will bring them help promptly if needed and add extra security for their lives?

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