Thursday, 4 November 2010

New age biometrics for old age.

As we all know, biometrics applications are moving into many facets our daily lives. Joanne Perry, Alvolution Demonstrator, has been demonstrating the new secure biometric entry device ‘Flexi’ from Global Bio Tec to healthcare professionals, social care professionals and care home managers.

Reading the headline New Biometric Technology Can Change Lives for the Elderly made me consider how it could really change the lives of older folk. I’m unsure whether my almost 90 year old grandparents would be able to cope with this technology? After thinking about it I realised that maybe it maybe wouldn’t be so complicated for them, they are rather ‘tech-savvy’ for their age. They have their own computer, wireless internet and use Skype to talk to relations abroad.

Living near Croydon for most of their lives they are aware of the high local crime rate and fear of crime really concerns them. Maybe the Flexi could help them feel safer in their own home?

Looking further into it biometrics are being used to help aid the elderly with a range of issues from identity fraud through to much simpler things like ‘Where have I put my keys?’

Care homes and sheltered housing are perfect examples of how biometrics can be safer and support residents to combat fraud and theft. With each room/apartment fitted with a biometric finger print scanner there would be little chance of any personal belongings going missing or people wondering into the wrong rooms when doors have been left unlocked.

Should we be doing more to help the elderly improve their quality of life through biometrics?

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